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Living Latin Style the Latin approach to life and style.

The inspiration

Latin America is a vast territory of diverse landscapes, grasslands, plains, deserts, rainforests, coasts, and mountains. This natural beauty is always an integral part of people’s lives and cultures.
Life revolves around the home with get-togethers with friends and relatives, Sunday family lunches, and holidays. Sometimes it explodes into the streets and plazas by way of colorful festivals, market-days, and fairs.
Everyday life is the result of intricate social structures and traditions that have shaped over the centuries, but are still very much alive today. These authentic lifestyles tend to vary from one region to another, but, in essence, they go beyond nationalities and countries and they become simply “LATIN”.

The Brand:

Living Latin Style is a lifestyle brand for home decorating and entertaining that is inspired by the Latin approach to life and style: a zest for life, joyous spirit, flavorful cuisine, colorful homes, and lively music. It brings to American homes unique and well-crafted products that are rich in materials and authentic in influence, yet contemporary enough to fit in a variety of home styles.

The Living Latin Style brand encompasses a broad range of home accents and products for mass-market retail and to the trade, paint line, English and Spanish how-to TV programs on Décor, Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment and a series of books based on the culture and traditions of Latin America. 

The practical and affordable brand will appeal to the mainstream American audiences who desire to bring Latin flair to their lifestyle as easily as the Hispanic customer who already appreciates the beauty inspired by their ancestors. 

The Living Latin Style collection covers the four areas of the home:

-Living & Lounging
-Kitchen & Tabletop
-Bed & Bath
-Patio & Garden

The Living Latin Style brand's unique products and books on home décor and entertaining are stylishly designed and carefully crafted to fit in any home and be enjoyed every day. The concept is accessible and easy to apply.  They are presented in coordinated lines and comprehensive texts. They are high-quality yet affordable. They cater to all four seasons and can bring ‘spice’ into any room in the home.

“Our Living Latin Style brand brings a unique Latin touch to modern living. The collection of products for every room in the home, the paint line, the book series, will further expand the scope of this unique brand into the  American market.”
Juan Carlos


Today, Hispanic means hip and trendy. Latinos are starting to outnumber African Americans in America’s largest cities. Latino culture is influencing American popular culture just like the African American popular culture had been doing the last decade.

As the interest in Latin cultures and style grows, a great opportunity arises to introduce an authentic, sophisticated, knowledgeable, young, yet experienced customer.


Juan Carlos, with his zeal for suave and beautiful décor, is to become the first style expert to bring this concept to the home décor and lifestyle markets. 

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