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The philosophy behind the Living Latin Style brand is inspired by our way of entertaining, decorating, and enjoying our celebrations. It's the spirit of one culture that comes alive in 4 distinct lifestyles: Cabana, Paradiso, Hacienda, and Pueblo styles.  All are inspired by Latin America but translated into the practicality of the American lifestyle through the vision of interior decorator Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque.

Two based on the interaction with natural environments:

Cabana LifeStyle Relaxed beach life in close contact with

tropical seas, a gentle breeze, and natural abundance.

Paradiso LifeStyle inland exotica where life revolves

around a lush rainforest with a hint of primitivism.

Two based on human environments:

Hacienda Lifestyle the new-world aristocratic estate life of haciendas and ranches that share similar characteristics from Mexico to Patagonia.

Pueblo LIfeStyle the quaint town life of houses full of traditions and local crafts, especially in countries with cultures derived from a mix

of pre-Columbian and colonial times.

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