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“Latin style is about life itself; it is passion, a certain sensibility for color and texture in our homes. It’s the passion we have for entertaining at home. We always have our doors open to entertain and bring families and friends together. In Latin America is not about formality, it’s about memories and things from past generations.”  

Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque

English and Spanish
Hardcover 2021

Photography by Brian Park and Paul Wright.
Recipes by Mariana Velasquez

Text by Monica Haim
Booq Publishing


In his second book, LATIN STYLE Recipes and Décor for the Perfect Gathering, Juan Carlos leads us on a tasting journey across Latin America, highlighting some of the most popular dishes of regional Latin American cuisine. The book is thematically divided into four lifestyles that define the Latin aesthetic. Cabana is about the seaside, fresh seafood, where the flavors of the Caribbean meet those from Africa. Paradiso evokes the lush and abundance of rainforests, where fresh papaya and sugar cane meet with colorful spices like cayenne, coriander, and cumin. Hacienda recalls the mountains of the Andes, warm comfort foods with roots in Spain. Finally, Pueblo is evocative of the boisterous city marketplace, with live street music and colonial architecture, and the distinctive flavors of guava, guacamole, and tamales. The broad, rich culinary tradition wonderfully encapsulates the region’s diverse cultural mix: indigenous ingredients and recipes engage with Spanish and African flavors and traditions. Arcila-Duque arranges effortless, vibrant tablescapes that celebrate and reflect the mood of each meal and the region’s local flair. Recipe and menus, illustrated with photographs of different lifestyles, LATIN STYLE Recipes, and Décor for the Perfect Gathering is a feast for the eyes and a celebration for Latin America.



Hard cover, 2008


Photography by Brian Park and Paul Wright 
Recipes by Mariana Velasques
Text by Monica Haim
Music by Descemer Bueno EMI Records
Thomas Nelson

Vibrant photographs and creative, original ideas provide the inspiration anyone needs to bring true Latin style to his or her own life. Whether as a source of inspiration or a defining accent, Latin Style will be the perfect addition to any decor. Style icon Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque defines and celebrates the four key influences of Latin style: Paradiso is the lush abundance of the rain forest, filled with the life of every kind. Hacienda is the old world, brick and stone elegance of ranches and country estates set in a rugged landscape. Cabana evokes the cool of the ocean with endless white beaches, turquoise water, and tropical fruits. Pueblo reflects the sun-drenched colors of the marketplace, folk art, colonial architecture, and quiet courtyards. Latin Style will feature a CD of Latin-inspired music by Descemer Bueno.

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