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“My passion for design and deep respect for my heritage has always been a source of strength and inspiration in my work. Traveling around the world gave me an understanding of different décor styles, yet my most profound desire was to return to my roots and rediscover the joyful sophistication of the Latin American home. With living LatinStyle, I am translating this unique sense of life and style into a practical and enjoyable daily experience for American homes”.                                                          

Juan Carlos Arcila Duque    



Miami-based interior designer and art curator Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque hails from Colombia and began his design career in the early 90s in New York City, where he established his first design studio, arcila duque furniture  Interiors inc. His projects span the globe and include private residences, lounges/nightclubs, restaurants, and boutique hotels. This international work experience has laid the foundation for his evolving style: an elegant mélange of solid colors, antiques, art, and unique artifacts discovered during his travels, all informed by a modernist aesthetic.

Arcila-Duque's first book, LATIN STYLE Decorating your home, texture, and passion was published by Thomas Nelson in 2008. LATIN STYLE Recipes & decoration for the perfect gathering his second book was released by Booq Publishing in 2021.

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